Campus Selection

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Placement Statistics: 97% of all NSE applicants are placed, with 83% of these placed at their first-choice school. The U of M's NSE Coordinator (in 240 Appleby Hall) has access to placement history and individual campus placement statistics to assist students in making campus selections that will provide the best probability of placement at their preferred schools. To improve placement chances, applicants should select at least three schools. Choosing at least one "open" campus on the payment plan on which they can participate will ensure a placement.

Deciding on a Secondary Campus: Not every student will be placed at their first-choice campus. NSE schools determine the number of students they can accept based on a variety of factors:

Look at the top left-hand section of each member campus profile at If a school is listed as "Even" or "1 to 1" in the sidebar black box, it is especially important to have a couple of backup choices. "Open" and "uneven" exchanges are easier to make.
The number of students they are sending (under Plan A and Plan B) on the exchange.
The number of applicants they have from other schools. The school's "preferences" listed in the NSE Directory.
On the application form, applicants will be asked to list up to four schools that they are interested in going to on exchange. If their first-choice campus is not available, it will be necessary to have back-up choices identified in order to secure a placement. Students should only select campuses to which they are willing to exchange to; they should not list campuses that they have no interest in going to.

Email the NSE coordinator at [email protected] if you need help choosing your first-choice or back-up campuses.