Student Spotlights

Breanne Retherford

Biomedical Engineering

“I began my CESP journey junior year because I wanted to learn about more opportunities to get involved in my community and how to perform meaningful service that can create a lasting impact. However, I have learned much more during this program, such as the importance of working with instead of for community members and the power of one-to-one relational meetings."

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Yasmeen Saad

Environmental Science, Policy and Management

"We analyzed how donations often interfere with industries in the countries that other places are trying to “help,” putting them further in poverty."

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Alisha Zhu

Human Physiology; Sociology

"I discovered CESP when I learned I could volunteer to get an Honors Experience. I care deeply about equitable health care and education because I am a pre-med minority student and I believe that equitable health care and education can lead to a better society."

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Gitanjali Raman

Genetics, Cell Biology and Development

"I discovered CESP as a Welcome Week Leader and I thought it would be a great way to meet other people who volunteer in the community." 

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