Faculty Development for Communtiy-Engaged Learning

Community Engaged Learning Services and Support

For all community-engaged learning courses coordinated through the Center for Community-Engaged Learning, we provide the following services and support: 

  • Integrating community-engaged components to existing or new syllabi
  • Assistance in identifying organizations and projects that connect to course objectives 
  • Faculty development workshops and individual consultations
  • In-depth knowledge of community-engaged learning pedagogy
  • Student support throughout their community work. Designated community-engaged learning coordinators help students maneuver the process and maintain their commitments.
  • Organized community panels for community-engaged learning classes. This means we arrange for community organizations to come to every individual community-engaged learning class to tell students about their mission and opportunities.
  • Online system for community-engaged learning students to manage position referrals, track hours, and communicate with community partners.
  • Training to help students prepare for their community work and get as much out of it as possible.
  • Conflict resolution, mediation when there are issues of concern, and liability forms
  • Manage students' post-class evaluations and share them with the faculty and community partners involved