Faculty Spotlights

Dr. Sarah Holtman

Professor in the Philosophy Department

"If I could find a way to create this kind of experience for all of my students, I would, because it is the space where I see philosophy come alive."

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Dr. Rob Blair

Professor/Extension Specialist, Department of Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Biology ... read more

Margaret Delehanty Kelly

Senior Teaching Specialist and Director of Undergraduate Studies. Department of Family and Social Science. ... read more

Kathleen Ganley

Senior Teaching Specialist in the Spanish and Portuguese Department. ... read more

Dr. Carolyn Liebler

Associate Professor in the Sociology Department. ... read more

Dr. Eric Daigre

Senior Lecturer in the English Department

"Community engaged activities can help abstract and theoretical ideas come to life in fresh, new ways."

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Dr. Melissa Licht

Lecturer in the English Department

"Go experiential. Engage if you can with the community sites themselves and do it in a way that honors their time."

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Dr. David Valentine

Associate Professor in the Department of Anthropology

"These conversations and experiences really help the texts come alive for the students, and more importantly it makes them more careful about critiquing what we read."

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Dr. Julie Grossman

Associate Professor in the Department of Horticultural Science

"I believe we can’t just develop scientists that know how to run tests. We also have to develop scientists that know how to problem solve in situations they haven’t yet confronted, how to communicate, how to work across difference"

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